Welcome to Island Golf Trip

Welcome to Island Golf Trip.
American and European World Class Golf Tournaments are well broadcasted across the globe, which has brought huge awareness in Asia of this sport.
Not only in China, regionally in South East Asia golf has increase at a rapidly rate. Lots of Asian professional golfers taking part in these tournaments has made this sport became very popular as a high class sport, hobby and lifestyle in Bali.
New golf courses have been designed and built with many challenges and difficulties to test and measure your swing and putting skills.
Bali as one of the Top Tourist Destinations has expanded to include high class golf facilities and now amateur and professional golfers came to Balito be c hallenged and enjoy Bali’s golf courses. We can combine your holiday to include sport, relaxation and Bali fun….
The team of Island Golf Trip are very experienced in this prestigious market and focused on introducing golfers to Bali and what the Island has to offer. Soon we will be expanding to include world class golf courses on other islands such as; Java, Bintan, Batam and other famous golf destination with in Asia….

Happy Golfing,
The management.